polycarboxylic antiscalant and dispersant

  • acrylic – acrylate–sulfosalt  copolymers
acrylic – acrylate–sulfosalt  copolymers


  • aa/hpa/amps
  • acrylic – acrylate–sulfosalt copolymers
  • product description: this product is a new multivariate polyelectrolyte scale inhibitor containing sulfonate .


this product is a new multivariate polyelectrolyte scale inhibitor containing sulfonate . for there being strong acid, weak acid and nonionic genes on the molecular chains of copolymer, it is provided with excellent inhibiting effect on the deposit on the iron oxide, calcium phosphate, zinc phosphate and calcium carbonate in water under the condition of scalding temperature, high hardness and highly alkalinity . it is of preferable sustainability with a range of risrs such as calcium ion and a desirable compatibility with commonly used polyphosphate, zinc salt, organic phosphate, etc.

ii. function

this product can function as the scale inhibitor in industrial circulating cooling water processing, oilfield flooding processing, boiler water processing, turbidity cycle cooling water collection process in petrification, chemicals, metallurgy, power, etc industries.

iii. technical indexes




colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

solid contents


free monomer (as ch 2=ch-cooh)


density 20 g/cm3


ph(1 solution )


iv. dosage

the dosage varies with water quality and processing conditions and generally it is 5-35mg/l.

v. safety protection

this product is acid. please avoid any contact with skin and eyes. rinse with plenty of water after contact.

vi. package and storage

it is usually packed in 25kg or 200 kg net plastic drums or as determined by users; it can be stored for ten months in shady and dry place under room condition.

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